Welcome to Oliver, Thomas & Hollis Investigations, Inc.

Oliver, Thomas & Hollis Investigations, Inc. is committed to providing clients with an unmatched level of service, including thorough investigations and timely, detailed reports. We offer a full array of investigative and adjusting services in areas such as workplace/employment misconduct, general liability, workers' compensation, trial preparation, and much more.

Oliver, Thomas & Hollis Investigations, Inc. is licensed in California to provide private investigative and independent insurance adjusting services. Our clients include third party administrators, public entities, law firms, insurance companies, and private self-insured companies. We are located in the heart of Fresno County enabling us to service the entire San Joaquin Valley. We also regularly travel to Southern California, the Central Coast, the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as many small communities in the Sierra Nevada foothills and mountains as the need arises.